Light and Shadow is HERE!

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Light and Shadow: Shorts and Extras is available in Kindle and paperback here.

In addition, we are celebrating with new hardback copies of The Watcher Series and apparel! See the post from Robin Woods below with all the details:

The moment has finally come! Robin Woods is answering some of our questions about the Watchers series!

See the beginning of her post below and how to get one of YOUR questions answered in her new compilation!

Well, it’s official. I’ve been working hard to finally finish Light & Shadow: The Watcher Series Shorts and Extras. And, dum duh du dah, here is the cover. See? It’s really happening!

And some lucky fans can have a scene written to answer their burning questions. See how below.

Click this link to read the full post and submit a question:

Allure is FREE Today & Tomorrow

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Robin Woods

Allure: The Watcher Series Prequel is FREE on Kindle all day today and tomorrow (Dec. 29/30). (And you don’t need a Kindle to read it. You can read on any smart phone, iPad, or computer.)

The Kindle version is newly revised. Woo hoo!

There’s a description below, but it’s free, so why not take a risk on something new? Meet your next book boyfriend (or girlfriend). Allure has both simmering and flirty.

Click here to go to Amazon now. (And downloads help me).

There’s no looking back when you’re on the run.

As America tries to forget the horrors of the Great War by embracing jazz, flappers, and the speakeasy, the Watchers remain vigilant by protecting the innocent and maintaining order among the Immortals—including a powerful line of Seers who are all but extinct. But the real horror is just beginning.

When George Yates is ordered to escort the…

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Amazon giveaway of the BRAND NEW Fiction Writing Journal and Workbook!!!

BRAND NEW book for writers!!!

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Buy it here:

Mark it “To Read”:

Below is the blurb!

“This workbook provides a space for you to journal ideas and thoughts for your next–or first–best seller. Robin not only shares her knowledge gained by years of experience, but thoughtfully gives space for writers to reflect and hand-write their ideas and moments of inspiration.” –author and editor Tamar Hela

Writing a first draft can be daunting. This workbook provides guidance for key elements of fiction writing that help create a cohesive novel. Additionally, it gives writers powerful reference resources to create an emotionally authentic work and the space to hash it all out in one, easy-to-carry book.

Workbook sections include:

  • Brainstorm and outlining
  • Plotting and the “Tent Pole” Method
  • Character Worksheets
  • Conflict
  • Setting
  • Lined pages for easy journaling
  • And more!

Reference sections include:

  • Common publishing terms and abbreviations
  • Using numerals in text
  • Clichés and newbie errors
  • Symbols and symbolism
  • Synonyms
  • Self-editing checklist and beta readers
  • And more!

New Release: The Fallen Part 2 by Robin Woods

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Yes, it’s true! The Fallen part two has been released! You will definitely want to get your hands on a copy–trust me.
Also check out Tamar Hela’s books at 😀

Tagxedo Fan Art

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“Even those with the deepest of faith can be shaken once in a while.” -Bowen, The Fallen part two page 238Fallen 2 238

Book Signings

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Robin Woods recently did a book signing in the San Jose (CA) area! Keep checking to hear about more opportunities to see her this summer and possibly get your books signed!

Robin Woods 2015 Signing

Book News! The Fallen: Part Two

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Robin Woods

I am so excited to announce that The Fallen: Part Two paperback is live on Amazon!  The Kindle edition is available for pre-orders and will go live on the 19th. Note: The Kindle edition is discounted through the first week of release.

Order the Paperback (now available)

Order on Kindle (pre-order until May 19)

Cant wait? Here is a sizable sample: TheFallenPartTwo_by_Robin_Woods_First50

Here is the GORGEOUS full cover designed by Kyle Walker

The Fallen pt 2 Done

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Guest Post on Village House of Books Blog

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Robin Woods

Am I Doing This Right?

by Robin Woods

RobinWoods2014When I was younger, I loved writing. I would scribble missives on random scraps of paper and create imaginary worlds that I dreamt of nightly. In fact, I still have an art pad full of outfits I dreamed up for my well-dressed villainess. I was eleven, so my sci-fi novel was awful, and truthfully, I probably spent more time drawing pictures than I did writing, but it did instill a love for the written word.

I didn’t start writing with determination for many years. Okay, maybe a couple of decades. But when I did sit down to write, I felt shackled…

Read full article on the Village House of Books Blog.

I will be making an appearance at Village House of Books in Los Gatos, CA on May 2nd at 2:00.

Village House of Books
21 W Main Street
Los Gatos…

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