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Robin Woods got to meet Maggie Stiefvater, a renowed YA author, in April of this year. She snapped a picture with her while they talked!

Maggie’s website:

My favorite book that Maggie has written:

Also written by Maggie: Shiver, Linger, and Forever, a werewolf trilogy, and The Raven Boys, which is sitting on my shelf to be read next!


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Tamar Hela (author of the Spirit Lake series–see below) once said, “The greatest compliment I can receive is a great review on Amazon!”

Did you know there are FIVE places you can “like” Robin Woods on Amazon?

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(Tamar’s blog:

Tamar’s book: )

Robin Woods and The Fray

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Robin Woods with musician Chris Ely (on her left) and The Fray

Chris Ely’s website:

Another picture of Robin Woods

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When she isn’t grading high school English papers or writing, Robin Woods LOVES reading! Her favorite genre is YA, and she is the adviser for her school’s Literature Club.


More pictures to come!

Author Photo

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Ms. Woods’ official author photo, featured in the back of her books and on her blog.

Content Magazine Spread

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Not too long ago, Content Magazine did a spread on Robin Woods! Here are some pictures!

The long-awaited Sacrifice cover!

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The afore-promised cover of the newest book in the Watcher series, The Sacrifice, being released in December 2012