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Robin Woods’ revamped website!

Posted: March 28, 2014 by trudreamr in Book News, Extras, Robin Woods

Check out Robin Woods’ exciting new, revamped website at!

There are new teasers, writing tips for aspiring authors, and more exciting additions!


We have decided to begin a new series of Five Question Fridays. They will no longer be questions to Ms. Woods; now, the questions will be directed at characters.
Here is the first set!

Questions for Aleria
1. Who are your heroes?

People who make small, consistent sacrifices never expecting anything in return.

2. What do you value most in your friends?
Kindness, loyalty, and a sense of humor.

3. On what types of occasions would you lie?
If someone asks me how I am doing, I always say fine.  Does that count as lying?

Also, does it count if I am lying to Tyran?  Because, I’m not sure if it does.

4. Where would you like to live?
I don’t really care where I live.  It’s the people I’m with that matter.

5. What is your most treasured possession?
Since I move around a lot, I tend not to keep too many keepsakes.  It’s mostly the jewelry I wear: my great-grandmother’s Claddagh ring, Mrs. Copeland’s locket, and the North Star charm necklace that Joshua gave me.


An Apology

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This is Rachel. I would like to apologize for the month without Five Question Fridays. My life got pretty crazy, but that is no excuse to leave you hanging! Ms. Woods is in no way responsible for the dearth of posts. I love you all! ❤

Friday, March 14, 2014

Posted: March 16, 2014 by trudreamr in FQFs: Five Question Fridays

Straight from Ms. Woods:
Two questions about writing and three facts about the upcoming book!

What is your preferred writing environment?
In a perfect world, I would be in my pajamas with a huge cup of freshly perked coffee (or tea), snuggled into a quilt (that my mommy made for me), and have my earphones humming with one of my writing playlists. Now, with a four and a seven year old, this would be filled with interruptions. So, it really only happens late at night. My alternative is to get away to a coffee shop.

What is your favorite type of scene to write?
Scenes that contain witty banter or serious gut wrench. Of course, the steamy ones can be kind of fun, too.

Can you tell us three things about the upcoming book?

1. The book is broken into two parts. Part two will switch perspectives between Ali and Gabriel.

2. I will make you like Tyran (Okay, I can’t make you…but you will!) (note from Rachel: you doubt it now, but just wait!)

3. You get to know Ian more, and he is both adorable and hilarious.

RANDOM FACT: I make fake book covers for each of my books until the amazingly talented Kyle Walker puts me to shame. This is my temporary cover.

The Fallen Cover