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Character Interview:  Joshua

1. What is your favorite time of day?

Around 2:00 AM.  The night sky is a deep, velvety black and most people have settled into bed.  It’s peaceful.  It’s one of the few times I can quiet my mind.  That is one of the reasons I volunteer for patrols.

2. What is one belonging of yours that most describes you?

My journal.  It is worn and has been through hell, but it still holds together.

3. Who is one person who has significantly influenced you (prior to your adventures)?

My parents.  They weren’t perfect, but I couldn’t have asked for a better example.  I miss them.

4. What is one thing you wish would spontaneously happen to you?

That I would regain the ability to go in the sun.  I also wish I could erase a few things in my memory.  Some things should not be seen.

5. What was your favorite toy as a child?

I was more into sporting equipment.  I broke more than one window when I was a kid.  Mr. Hayes bought me a set of Nerf balls after the second time I took out his front window.  My dad made me mow lawns for over a month to earn the money to pay him back.


We have decided to begin a new series of Five Question Fridays. They will no longer be questions to Ms. Woods; now, the questions will be directed at characters.
Here is the first set!

Questions for Aleria
1. Who are your heroes?

People who make small, consistent sacrifices never expecting anything in return.

2. What do you value most in your friends?
Kindness, loyalty, and a sense of humor.

3. On what types of occasions would you lie?
If someone asks me how I am doing, I always say fine.  Does that count as lying?

Also, does it count if I am lying to Tyran?  Because, I’m not sure if it does.

4. Where would you like to live?
I don’t really care where I live.  It’s the people I’m with that matter.

5. What is your most treasured possession?
Since I move around a lot, I tend not to keep too many keepsakes.  It’s mostly the jewelry I wear: my great-grandmother’s Claddagh ring, Mrs. Copeland’s locket, and the North Star charm necklace that Joshua gave me.